About TC LeNormand

For Houston-based hypnotist TC LeNormand, hypnosis consulting is about both the human potential and compassion for those trying to achieve that potential— the over-stressed worker trying to stop smoking or the busy mom who wants to lose weight. He sees the unlimited potential of individuals looking to break bad habits, stop smoking, improve public speaking, lose weight, or build confidence— to create better lives for themselves.

newtcpicTC began his journey to becoming a certified consulting hypnotist in 1981, noting that his apprenticeship and career have been exercises in discovery. Thousands of women and men have achieved their individual goals to lose weight, stop smoking, overcome phobias, or reduce stress through his compassionate approach.

He believes listening is the key to unlocking the emotional, mental and physical obstacles that hinder individual success in many areas of life. TC’s hypnosis consulting seeks to teach individuals how to think more clearly and focus more precisely on their goals, whether they want to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress, improve study skills, or alter many areas that block their true potential.

Through hypnosis, TC has experienced the benefits for himself— by clarifying and calming his thinking, he was able to lose weight, gain diet control, break bad habits, and develop good ones, and he now enjoys a happier, less stressful life.

Having been through the process, TC brings a strong compassion to Hypnosis Houston and seeks the unique solution to each individual’s obstacles. Building a better self-image may help one person lose weight; finding the root of why another person craves cigarettes may help them stop smoking, permanently. Reducing stress and overcoming phobias may help another improve public speaking and gain confidence.

Hypnosis Houston’s regression therapy helps individuals access memories and overcome issues that hinder their progress now, all while retaining complete awareness and control and acquiring the skills to break bad habits and move on with their lives.

The possibilities are endless— TC simply helps individuals unlock their inner potential in a caring environment, one that will help them achieve their goals to stop smoking, lose weight, reduce stress and beyond.

TC’s caring guidance at Hypnosis Houston leads to the end of the old life and opens the door on an entirely new beginning.