What people are saying

I have been impressed with his clinical knowledge of relaxation techniques as well as his professional manner. I have been providing behavioral therapies in my practice for well over nine years, and Mr. Lenormand is one of the most skilled professionals I have worked with. My recommendation of Mr. Lenormand is unconditional.
Jamie Ganc, MD

The goal motivation course I participated in has given me the tools to achieve any goals I set with amazing results. My confidence and motivation has doubled at the same time. I am relaxed and aware of the universe like never before.

Thank you so much for your guidance and wit.


Angela J.

Too often letters of recommendation are a mere formality, as apposed to a sincere appraisal of the applicant’s skills and abilities. I assure you that this is not the case with Mr. Lenormand. Mr. Lenormand has served as a behavioral consultant for my group, Psychiatry Services International, on numerous occasions.

His primary task centered on training autogenic relaxation techniques to patients involved in-group psychotherapy. His work was done well, and I can report a significant decline in over-all anxiety levels for the group as a whole. The patients enjoyed his warm yet professional style and his willingness to take extra time to assist persons who require additional help. In my work with Mr. Lenormand I have found him to be a competent and ethical practitioner who carefully maintains his personal and professional boundaries. His training appears impeccable. I recommend him enthusiastically and without reservation.


Neil Marcelline Brady
M. Ed., LPC, Psychotherapist

As an Image Consultant, I became interested in the Behavioral Dynamics concept in order to help me focus on my personal and business goals.

After the self-hypnosis session with T.C. Lenormand, I could see improvements in areas of motivation, self-esteem, confidence, personal growth, and relaxation.

I would highly recommend Behavioral Dynamics as a step toward achieving individual goals and enhancing ones life.

Sincerely yours,

Esther M.

I have personally experienced a higher level of awareness and motivation as a result of practicing self-hypnosis on a regular basis.

Terry M.

…his knowledge, intuition, and skills are honest, direct, and supportive. The results are subtle and powerful at the same time.

Patti T.

I’m a realist—I like to see results before I become a believer. I saw results in others, heard rave reviews about his work, and went in with an open mind. The results I’ve experienced are even more that I imagined or perceived. I’m more in touch, or in tune with myself—my thoughts, my feelings. I’m more intuitive, more confident, and even more relaxed that ever before.

Kathy F.