Can Hypnosis Be Used to Stop Smoking?

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Various studies indicate that hypnosis can be effectively used as a means of stopping smoking, as long as it is properly performed by an experienced hypnotherapist. This method allows a person to enter a deeply relaxed state, wherein the mind is more accepting to new ideas and suggestions. The hypnotherapist could help the client quit this harmful behavior by addressing directly the thoughts and behavioral patterns that are linked to smoking.

What exactly makes hypnosis an effective technique of eradicating this bad habit?

According to experts, the potential of hypnosis as an alternative solution for smokers who want to quit is its focus on the underlying issues that contribute to the performance of the behavior itself.

For example, many people smoke as a way of relieving their stress. Simply quitting smoking by not buying cigarettes anymore would not resolve the issues caused by the lack of a healthier way to manage stress. Furthermore, since smoking is associated with the belief that it relieves stress, it can be hard to completely quit doing it due to its perceived benefit.

Breaking behavioral patterns that is part of one’s routine requires a radical change of mindset towards smoking and cigarettes. Hypnotherapy, when administered correctly, is a great tool in supporting this change, and making it stick in the long run. With a hypnotherapist as your partner, you will be able to focus more on your goal of quitting smoking, which then boosts your chances of achieving success.

However, before even reaching out to a hypnotherapy clinic, you must first make a commitment to yourself. Those who undergo hypnosis with firm determination are more likely to attain their goal, especially since this method relies on one’s motivation and willingness to improve.

In order to clear this step without much trouble, take the time to familiarize yourself with what to expect from a hypnosis session that is geared towards the goal of stopping smoking. As explained earlier, the hypnotherapist will be putting you in a state of intense focus and relaxation to open up your mind to change. During this period, various suggestions will be given to you so as to alter your mindset about smoking, and to break the behavior itself.

Good hypnotherapists tailor-fit their suggestions to the client’s background, needs, and preferences. They may make use of statements that would increase the aversion towards smoking and cigarettes. Others may ask the client to visualize the act of smoking itself, but with certain additions of unpleasant elements that would form a link between smoking and a bad taste or smell. Over time, and with the acceptance of the client’s mind, the mere thought of smoking would trigger these unpleasant sensations, thus causing the person to give up entirely the harmful habit.

Take note that hypnosis is not a one-time, quick-fix solution for smokers who want to quit. There may be rare cases wherein one session had been enough, but for most people, it would take multiple and regular sessions so as to ensure long-term success. This applies especially to those who have been smoking for a long period of time, and to those who have incorporated smoking into their daily routine.

When you are certain about your decision to consider hypnosis as a means of stopping smoking, your next step is to look for a trusted professional hypnotherapist near you. If you are from the state of Texas, you may reach out to the Hypnosis Houston by calling (713)789-0713 or sending an email to Its certified consulting hypnotist, TC LeNormand, has been assisting clients through guided hypnosis since 1981. Through his support and expertise, you will be able to stop smoking in a healthier and more sustainable manner.


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