Can Hypnosis Help You Lose Weight?

Woman losing weight with Hypnosis - Hypnosis HoustonWeight loss through hypnosis can be quite effective, especially when it is complemented by other means of losing excess body weight, such as exercising and having a balanced diet. In comparison to these more overt methods, hypnosis works on the subconscious level of the mind, thus directly affecting one’s thoughts, feelings, and attitude towards eating and physical activity.

Furthermore, hypnosis could help address a person’s negative self-image and poor self-control—two factors that could be detrimental to your determination and effort to lose weight. As such, it can be useful in modifying eating habits, lifestyle preferences, and other behavioral patterns that are associated with eating and exercising. Many fitness experts agree that no other weight loss method goes as deep as hypnosis does in resolving such deep-seated issues.

Given this, hypnosis is the best option for those who have trouble following and sticking to their diet programs or exercise routines. Usually, the main reason for this failure could be traced back to bad habits, such as overeating, or sitting down for most of the day. As much as those people want to change for the better, the triggers for their bad habits are located somewhere that is inaccessible without the aid of guided therapy.

Hypnosis can be used to change, remove, or develop habits when performed by a trained hypnotherapist. But how exactly is it any different from the traditional therapy session? Since various myths and misconceptions about hypnosis remain popular up to this day, you may have some qualms about considering it as an option for achieving your weight loss goal.

To give you a better idea on what to expect, here is a rundown of a typical hypnotherapy session:

First, the session begins with a discussion of the process, as well as the client’s goals. The key to a successful start is honesty from both the hypnotherapist and the client. This will establish trust and familiarity, both of which are necessary for the succeeding steps.

The next phase would require the hypnotherapist to guide the client into deep relaxation. This is usually done verbally, and with a gentle, soothing tone.

When the client reaches the optimal state of mind, the hypnotherapist will begin making suggestions about how to change the person’s bad habits that contribute to weight gain. The suggestions may also be comprised of strategies and new habits that promote weight loss. Repetition of certain key phrases is the key to planting these suggestions into the subconscious mind.

Many hypnotherapists also make use of visualizations during hypnosis. They guide the client in imagining vivid scenarios or milestones that are related to the goal. For example, the hypnotherapist may ask the client to picture the moment where the desired weight has been achieved.

The actual duration of a hypnosis session varies, depending on the hypnotherapist or the client. On average, it could last from 45 to 60 minutes. The session ends when the hypnotherapist brings the client out of the relaxed state, and back into the present.

The number of sessions required also varies based on the personal goals and willingness to improve of the client. There are some who have seen significant results after only one hypnosis session, while others need multiple sessions in order to get rid of certain bad habits and poor mindset that prevent them from losing weight.

To learn more about how hypnosis works as weight loss method, and what to expect during the session, search for a trusted hypnotherapy clinic near you. If you reside in the state of Texas, Hypnosis Houston offers this service to those who are looking for alternative ways of managing weight effectively. With the help of its certified consulting hypnotist, TC LeNormand, you will be able to understand and unlock the benefits of hypnosis to your body and mind.

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