Can Hypnosis Rewire the Brain?

hypnosis in brainOur brain is indeed powerful. It can adapt to different changes in our body and life circumstances. And as long as we live, it will continue to change and develop on its own.

Experts have not yet determined the full extent of our brain’s abilities. One of them is the ability of the brain to rewire or restructure itself, or what experts refer to as neuroplasticity. It is a helpful process to treat different mental conditions, such as anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma.

There are many methods on how to rewire the brain like engaging in new hobbies or recreational activities. But to make it more effective hypnosis can help.

Hypnosis is a great tool for someone seeking life transformation. It can help rewire the brain to allow you to think of other ways on how you can change your lifestyle and mindset, so you can achieve all your goals in life.

This practice has been used since the early 1800s for pain management and was also used by military surgeons during the U.S. Civil War. Since then, hypnosis is also used for those who are dealing with fear, phobias, stress, traumas, and even weight loss.

But how does hypnosis help in rewiring the neurons of the brain?

During hypnosis, you can access your neurons and neural networks and allow your subconscious to know you don’t need specific habits or thoughts in your life anymore. You can try to communicate to yourself which habits or thoughts would you like to create or replace.

When you are having a certain block in your life, a particular neural network in the brain will light up. Neuroplasticity is created by interrupting those networks with new and positive thoughts. By reframing the brain, you can start to create new thoughts whenever something appears to trigger this block again.

With the help of hypnosis and neurolinguistic programming or NLP, you can control your thoughts and life better. As these practices are used in reprogramming the brain, you will notice new patterns in your life that provide you with a healthier approach in any kind of situation.

To make hypnosis work in the rewiring of the brain, John B. Arden, author and psychologist, explains in his book “Rewire the Brain” the four steps you can do. These are focus, work, ease, and repetition.

The first step is to focus on the situation you like, the behavior you want to acquire, or memory you want to remember through self-hypnosis.
Then, after establishing a new behavior or thought, you can relax or be at ease as you continue what you are doing. After that, just repeat the activity all over again.

Hypnosis may take some time to affect the function of the brain. But several studies confirmed that this method is effective for neuroplasticity or rewiring the brain as it can change the neural networks and helps the brain to function better. Your willingness and motivation will also play an important part in the effectiveness of this process.

So if you want to change something in your life, whether it’s a destructive habit, negative emotion, or bad attitude, hypnosis can help you rethink your life.

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