Confidence & Positive Thinking

When some clients arrive for the first session of hypnosis for problems they want to
img_woman1overcome, it’s incredible just how often a lack of confidence is the main factor in all of them. This is second only to stress. In my practice of hypnotherapy I make use of an approach called “ego-strengthening.” The idea is to re-learn the way you think about yourself and the way you communicate with yourself — your “self talk,” or internal dialogue.

Hypnosis is perhaps the best way to rediscover ones lost self confidence and even create more.

Self confidence is something we are all born with, but somehow as we go thru life we lose some of it along the way. Positive thinking can become negative thinking and we forget how to be confident. Hypnosis is perhaps the best way to rediscover ones lost self confidence and even create more.

Below are some of the ways Hypnosis can help with self-confidence:

  • By learning to relax and to approach difficult situations in a calmer more composed manner, Once you begin to approach day to day situations by taking a deep breath and then saying something positive to yourself, almost as a reflex, then doubts will start to disappear and self confidence will grow.
  • Developing a positive attitude.
  • Dealing with some of the reasons for lack of confidence and working on techniques for building up self-esteem and self confidence; helping you to become more assertive.
  • Developing a positive expectancy for the future so that soon you will be expecting a more confident response on your behalf and even looking forward to a more positive approach to life.

Imagine yourself as you are now and then turn that into some kind of an internal image or sensation. Now turn that into something more positive and notice the change. All self-confidence work, in fact all aspects of personal growth begin with the idea of change. Do you believe in change as a concept? Do you believe you can change?