How does it feel to be hypnotized?

Most people who have undergone hypnosis describe the feeling as being calm, peaceful, and like taking a nap. Both the physical and mental aspects are in a relaxed state. During this state, a person tends to focus deeply on what he or she wants to think about. They became open or willing to think about and experience their life at a different level than usual.

As most psychologists and certified hypnotherapists claim, hypnosis is like having a metaphorical journey inside your imagination.

The experience of falling into a hypnotic trance is not that strange or unusual. It may feel vaguely familiar to some moments or memories you’ve  had in life where you were lost in thought, or simply meditating.

If you are familiar with meditation, it is the closest to how you feel during hypnosis, the only difference is, there’s no one guiding or giving suggestions to you while you’re falling into the relaxed state.

There are many ways you can enter this state of deep focus. It is like when you are falling asleep or losing consciousness or awareness. Therefore, you can still hear or sense things around you, but you are not moving and your eyes remain closed.

A lot of amazing things can occur when you relax on purpose. You will notice how your breathing slows down, and most of your muscles will start to relax. You will then have a sense of distance from your body, and time may become distorted.  People  often report a feeling of a pleasant peace or euphoria.

The depth of hypnotic trance differs among people. Some can feel very light or have an extremely deep state of focus and relaxation. When you are comfortable with your hypnotherapist, you are willing to allow yourself to enter this state where you can experience the special power of your mind and imagination.

As you enter hypnosis, you may disconnect your mind from your body and to your surroundings. It means that your awareness will be taken from your normal state as you journey into your mind. The power of hypnosis can help you reveal the full potential of your mind and imagination without the restrictions of critical thinking.

But based on usual testimonies made by people who underwent the procedure, the fact remains that there is no specific or right way of what you will feel when undergoing hypnosis.

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