How To Stop Smoking Through Hypnosis

British Shorthair, Cat, Pet, MiezeQuitting smoking can be a daunting task, but it is one of the best things you can do for your body. Smoking is a risky and deadly habit that can have a serious impact on your health. If you have investigated quitting smoking, you may have observed that there are several ways offered; from taking pills to counseling sessions. Keep in mind that if one method worked for someone else, it doesn’t mean that it will work for you in the same way. One notable method used to help people to quit smoking is hypnosis

What Is Hypnosis to quit smoking ?

Hypnosis to quit smoking is a process where the individual is facilitated into a state of trance and enhanced suggestibility.  After an initial consultation, and discovery of the particular aspects of the person’s habit and their reasons to quit, a sequence of targeted suggestions specifically created for the individual are presented to them while they are in the heightened state of hypnotic suggestibility. When one imagines something vividly that supports the desired goal of being smoke free, resources are generated to dynamically support the individual to the realization of that goal.

Hypnosis For Smoking addiction

When an individual is hypnotized, they are aware of the surroundings as proven by several brain tests which have always indicated a high level of neural activity. During the hypnosis session, the client is encouraged to think of bad outcomes from smoking; for instance, the hypnotist may suggest that smoking makes their mouth parched and their throat raw. It basically tries to bring the unhealthy and bad sides of smoking to the surface and overwrite them with positive thoughts that will encourage the patient to cease this habit.

One popular and widely used smoking cessation method dubbed the Spiegel’s method emphasizes on three fundamental ideas which are;

•    Smoking is poisonous to the body.

•    You require your body to live.

•    You should take care of your body to the point that you would prefer to live.

If possible the hypnosis subject is  taught the art of self-hypnosis and are instructed to repeat the suggestion should they feel like smoking. Hypnosis will help the mind to work against the addiction as opposed to working for it.

Is It Effective?

Hypnosis is an effective way of quitting this habit, but keep in mind that it may not help you to stop the habit immediately.  It is important to remember that it is a process.  For some people it can be immediate, but for others It helps to reduce the cravings, and another session may be required. You will not feel the urge to smoke in the same way as before. Then, it becomes simpler to stop the habit on your own. Hypnosis is one of the most effective ways of quitting smoking and its success rate is tremendous. It is a natural method that does not involve the use of any drugs, something that makes it free from potential side effects.

It is never too late to quit smoking and doing so comes with several health benefits. Sign up for a hypnosis session today, and begin your smoke free life now.

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