Overcoming Fears & Phobias

If you are one of the many people who suffer from a phobia, then it doesn’t matter if that phobia is one of the more common ones like being scared of flying, scared of open spaces, crowds or insects or if your phobia is something less common like the fear of public toilets or clowns; you know that the fear is real and that it can have a terrible effect on your life.

The initial cause of the phobia can often be traced back to early childhood. For instance, the fear of spiders is usually thought to be hereditary. A child, seeing their parent behaving in a frightened manner with spiders decides that this is an appropriate response. What follows is a learned fear of spiders (or whatever the stimulus for the fear should happen to be).

Hypnosis is perhaps the best way to rediscover ones lost self confidence
and even create more.

Oddly enough, phobias are in fact the fear of being afraid and demonstrate the brains amazing ability to learn instantly a very effective survival mechanism. If however you live in a place where the fear of snakes or spiders is unnecessary due to the harmless nature of the types that live in that area then what you are actually left with is not a healthy fear but a life disruptive phobia.

Hypnosis can help with phobias quickly and efficiently. Many can be treated in just a few sessions.