Overcoming Your Fear of Flying

Many people consult a hypnotist for help overcoming the fear of flying. Some people are mildly anxious about flying but find it gets worse over time — others develop a full blown phobia with no apparent reason.

img_flyingfearIn my experience, there are three types of “fear of flying.” First there is the fear of a plane crash. Second is, the fear of not being in control; and third is what seems to be more a symptom of claustrophobia.

Usually the nervous flyer fits the profile of someone who has flown many times in the past and didn’t always experience fear. Although, it isn’t always the case, generally I do find that the phobia or fear can be traced back to a specific event but didn’t necessarily become a problem or chronic at that point. The panic symptoms developed later.

Many times the fear of flying begins at a time when someone is going through other problems or traumas and becomes an extension of that situation.

Hypnosis can be extremely beneficial and often helps to eliminate the fear completely. We start with a goal. Would you prefer simply to be able to enjoy flying or to just cope with flying?

Hypnotherapists generally see a healthy benefit to fear, if that fear is logical. Illogical fear or irrational fear however is just fear that has become a a little too intense. Hypnotherapy can help you to diminish the fear. You will always have an internal warning system should you ever need it but having confidence in this realization allows you to enjoy your life in the way you deserve.