Public Speaking & Building Confidence

Giving speeches in public or making professional presentations can leave some people with butterflies in their stomach and their legs feeling weak and unstable. The mind can become confused and the voice can race and somehow they end up not conveying the composed confident tone they had planned.

img_profwomanI often see students and academics of all kinds who, although talented in their own area of expertise, are uncomfortable talking to an audience. It can be as formal as a job presentation or as casual as a best man speech or father of the bride speech at a wedding. Hypnosis can really be helpful in building your confidence so you can be calm and relaxed. You can learn how to notice your body’s unique reaction to stress and anxiety and develop new and positive ways of thinking and feeling.

Hypnosis can really be helpful
in building your confidence
so you can be calm and relaxed.

Wouldn’t it be great if, instead of becoming weak in the knees, you could learn to actually enjoy speaking in public; giving speeches and presentations and perhaps most importantly, getting your thoughts across in a composed assertive manner.

Overcoming your Fears:

When you learn to overcome your fears and become confident in this area then just about anything is possible. Making this one change could alter the way you think about yourself, the kind of jobs you apply for and your skills in other social settings of your life. Many great public speakers were able to “hypnotize” their audiences, and many of them have used self-hypnosis techniques. As often is the case, the problem is a misunderstanding of what hypnosis actually is. It is not an unconscious state where you are out of control. It is a focused state and is about becoming the person you are truly capable of being, in other words it is about empowerment.

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