The Truth about the Scientific Basis of Hypnosis

Woman in hypnosisSome people doubt the scientific basis of hypnosis due to how it is often portrayed on television shows and films – the person administering the action swinging a pocket watch in front of a client’s face until they come into a state wherein they will do whatever you tell them to. This is not what hypnosis is about, and you will rarely find a doctor using a stopwatch in a swinging motion to a patient.

With so many myths and false claims that still hound hypnosis up to this day, some people doubt if the process is scientifically proven. This trance-like state is also called hypnotic suggestion or hypnotherapy, wherein a person is placed in a state with a higher level of concentration and focus. This is typically done by a therapist who utilizes techniques, including mental images and verbal repetition on their subject.

The process helps the patient feel relaxed and calm, which can become specifically helpful when experiencing many problems or before undergoing a medical procedure. Hypnosis is a form of psychological therapy done by a medical practitioner, making the process scientifically studied and proven.

Scientific Basis of HypnosisHypnosis as a Treatment Option

The practice is performed by a certified hypnotherapist or hypnotist whom you can seek for a variety of conditions. They will help you reach what is often described as a trance-like state in which they will suggest ideas and improvements that can help you cope with what you are going through and help you feel better. To date, the practice continues to undergo medical research for professionals to pinpoint which areas of health concerns can be treated using the process.

The fact is that you don’t need to go to a hypnotist to get hypnotized or to reach a temporary trance-like state. You may have experienced it once in a while, even without realizing it. It is similar to the state you are in when you are daydreaming or zoned out while listening to a lecture or watching a film.

While hypnosis is sometimes referred to as hypnotherapy, the latter uses hypnosis as a tool to accomplish treatment.

How Does It Work?

When you seek the services of a professional trained in the process, they will first analyze your problem before designing a treatment plan that is uniquely yours. You will then go through a guided process composed of repetition and verbal cues. The process will lead you into a trance-like state, which is similar to sleep. The only difference is that you are awake, and you know what’s going on.

Why do you have to be in a trance-like state to benefit from the process? The designed plan for your therapy can only be implemented once you are in a state with heightened focus and concentration. You will be more open to what’s being said and suggested at this stage, which you may likely reject or oppose in a normal state. Once done, you will either go out of the state on your own or be guided by your therapist. The number of sessions will depend on the gravity of your problem and what you are trying to achieve.

No matter why you have consulted a therapist, you need to have an open mind about the process and how it can help make you feel lighter and better.


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