What Conditions Can Hypnosis Treat

condition treatment hypnosisHypnosis involves suggestions for relaxation. The therapist can give verbal cues to encourage a trance or calm state, where patients are invited to think of specific thoughts and experiences. They may gradually experience changes in the way they think and feel, which then affects their behavior.

To stop smoking

Those who want to quit smoking have much to gain from hypnosis. It’s not easy to give up cigarettes, and though medications and nicotine patches are more widely accepted, hypnosis can potentially help with quitting. A hypnotherapist can tailor sessions for the patient’s lifestyle. They can be a guide in finding a replacement habit for smoking, like chewing gum or taking a walk. The approach is usually to make the new habit more desirable and to train the mind to associate cigarettes with bad feelings, odors, and tastes.

To manage and control weight

Weight control is similar to stopping smoking. The effectiveness of the treatment is based on the patient’s willingness to cease the harmful habit. In this case, the therapist will encourage a focus on better habits, like eating healthy food and doing daily exercise. It’s important to note, however, that hypnosis must work hand in hand with diet and exercise changes. It can’t be the sole cause for weight loss.

To overcome sexual dysfunction

Sexual dysfunction is a frustrating condition that many people address through hypnosis. Though it isn’t the first course of treatment to seek out, it’s helpful for those who want to overcome specific psychological barriers. There are times when a negative sexual experience from the past or a feeling of shame about sex affects the body’s ability to sexually respond. The important thing is, if the dysfunction has psychological roots, then the mind will be susceptible to hypnotherapy and relaxation techniques.

To relieve anxiety

Hypnosis is one way to ease anxiety. It’s more effective with anxiety caused by chronic health conditions like heart disease and specific irrational phobias since the body will likely follow the control of the mind. A therapist can use a verbal or nonverbal cue to encourage the patient to activate a natural relaxation response. Once breathing slows and blood pressure is lowered, the sense of wellbeing can ease the anxiety. Of course, this works best when the therapist eventually teaches the patient to activate this technique on their own.

Hypnotherapy is one of the many ways one can improve their health. As a psychological treatment, it does wonders like changing a person’s perception, but this requires time and effort. Once successful, more positive behaviors can lead to overall better wellbeing.

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