What is the science behind hypnosis?

The science of hypnosis has existed for many centuries. But there are still people who don’t believe in the potential of hypnosis as a treatment for different health conditions.

Hypnosis is a well-studied adjunct treatment for various conditions such as anxiety, pain, stress, and weight loss. It is not some form of brainwashing or magic we often see in movies and cartoons. It is more like entering a trance-like state of deep concentration, and is more common than what you might think.

In some ways, using hypnosis is like performing guided meditation or mindfulness. All of them have the same idea of setting aside sensory reactions and normal judgments to enter a deeper state of focus, concentration, and receptiveness.

Many people fear losing control while being hypnotized when in fact, it only means that their mind and body control are just being enhanced. Instead of feeling pain, anxiety, and other unhelpful states and conditions, hypnosis helps people to be more in control of their thoughts and perceptions.

There is lots of research and studies made that can back up the fact of how effective hypnosis is. The question is how hypnosis can provide such treatment for these kinds of conditions. Every psychologist has a different explanation on this matter.

According to research, hypnosis can act on multiple regions of the brain, including some parts linked to pain reception and regulation. It is also found to quiet the parts of the brain involved in emotional response and sensory processing.

There is a lot of controversies about how hypnosis works. Originally, according to Freud’s theory, hypnosis weakens the barrier between the conscious and the subconscious. But this theory has already been abandoned. Other experts attribute the power of hypnosis to the placebo effect.

There’s also another theory that explains that hypnosis allows people to enter an altered phase of consciousness that makes them respond to different hypnotic suggestions. But there’s no loss of consciousness or experiencing amnesia.

Once you experience hypnosis, don’t expect that it will work for you after a single session. Experts advise that a single treatment session may not be beneficial.

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