Is Hypnosis the Best Way to Stop Smoking?

stop smokingIt doesn’t matter if you smoke cigarettes or not, you are likely aware of the dangers that are involved in doing so. Smoking remains the single most preventable cause of early death and it could result in many different health issues, from emphysema to heart disease and cancer. If you do smoke, the best choice you can make is to quit now. From the moment you quit, the damage that has occurred begins to reverse itself.

A number of different methods exist to give up smoking. For years, the two basic choices were to either cut down gradually or to quit “cold turkey”.  People may have used a variety of substitutes, from chewing gum to snacking on sunflower seeds but its typically met with limited success. In more recent years, people have options such as the nicotine patch, nicotine gum and similar items. These have also met with limited success. One option that you should consider if you really want to give up smoking is using hypnosis.

There are many misconceptions associated with hypnosis and that has kept some people from trying to use it to kick the habit. In essence, hypnosis results in an altered awareness and it appears as if you are in a trance or perhaps even asleep. There are also different types of hypnosis, including clinical and self hypnosis. These have been used for a wide variety of psychological and physical problems, including weight loss, repressed memories and various types of addiction.

When using clinical hypnosis for smoking cessation, the process is similar from one hypnotist to another. After putting you in a state of hypnosis, they will ask you to imagine outcomes from smoking that are fairly unpleasant. Perhaps they ask you to imagine that the taste of smoking is repulsive or that the smell is similar to the exhaust of a vehicle. These help to imprint something on your mind that can begin to change your perception of the habit.

The hypnotist may also take things a step further by helping you to identify the true issues with smoking cigarettes. These include the need for a healthy body and the fact that smoking is poison to the body. They may also impress upon your mind the respect that you should have for your body as well.

Along with using a form of clinical hypnosis, they may also provide you with options for self hypnosis as well. Self hypnosis is something that can be done at home without the use of a qualified hypnotist. It doesn’t put you in the same hypnotic state but it does allow you to alter your perceptions when you do it properly.

About three out of every four individuals is able to be successfully hypnotized. It is a method that has worked for hundreds, if not thousands of people who wanted to kick the habit. They were able to get beyond the habit, not only for a temporary amount of time when the hypnosis was taking place but they were able to give it up permanently.

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