Are Hypnosis Results Permanent?

women under hypnosisHypnosis has grown in popularity as a complementary therapy over the years. Using techniques such as visualization, suggestion, and relaxation hypnosis can help people improve their mental and physical well-being. For example, hypnosis can be used to treat conditions such as stress, anxiety, and depression by helping the person to change their thought processes or behaviors. While the results of hypnosis are often immediate, there is some debate about whether or not
the effects of this therapy are permanent.

Research on the effectiveness of hypnosis

Research has suggested that hypnosis can effectively treat several mental and physical health issues. Hypnosis has been proven to bring incredible results, from managing stress and anxiety, to alleviating depression, diminishing pain levels, and increasing self-confidence.

A study result published in the journal of Psychological Science has revealed that hypnosis can alter the activity of our brains and enhance cognitive performances. The study found that people who underwent hypnosis had increased theta activity in their brains, suggesting that they were more relaxed and focused.

In 1970, Alfred A. Barrios, PhD, published a study comparing recovery rates for various therapy modalities, also featured in the American Health magazine. He discovered that Hypnotherapy was the most effective therapy option in terms of recovery rate, with 93% after an average of six sessions. Behavior Therapy came in a close second at 72% and required 22 sessions on average for treatment. Psychoanalysis had the least success rate among these three therapies, clocking in at 38% but requiring 600 or more sessions to achieve results.

According to an article published in the Harvard University Gazette, Hypnosis Helps Healing, Carol Ginandes and Daniel Rosenthal, professors of radiology at the Harvard Medical School, published a report on their study of hypnosis to accelerate the healing of fractured bones. The result of the study showed that people who were hypnotized healed faster than those who were not.

Are hypnosis results permanent?

Though there is evidence to suggest that hypnosis can be an effective form of therapy, the duration of its results may vary from person to person. Some people experience long-term effects, while others only receive short-term results.

In addition, the type of Hypnotherapy used can influence the length of time the results are felt. For example, if a person receives hypnosis for stress relief, the effects may only last for a short period. However, if they are receiving hypnosis to help them quit smoking, they may experience the benefits of the therapy for months, years, or even their lifetime.

If a person is receiving hypnosis for weight loss, the results may also vary depending on their commitment to healthy eating and exercise habits. While hypnosis can help reduce cravings, it is still important to make lifestyle changes to maintain weight loss results.

Hypnosis can be an incredibly effective tool for athletes striving to attain both short and long-term success in sports. For example, hypnosis can help a person focus their attention and improve concentration before a game. In addition, hypnosis can also help athletes reduce anxiety and increase their confidence levels over a longer period.

Factors that affect hypnosis results

While some people may experience long-term results from hypnosis, others may not. Some factors that can influence the duration of hypnosis results include:

• The person’s willingness to be hypnotized
• The skills and experience of the hypnotist
• How committed they are to following the suggestions made during hypnosis
• Their ability to relax and focus
• How much practice do they put into self-hypnosis
• The type of Hypnotherapy used
• The person’s level of self-awareness
• Their ability to visualize
• The depth of the hypnotic state they can achieve.
• The nature of the problem being treated


Whether or not the results of hypnosis are permanent is still a subject of debate. It is clear, however, different people will have varying experiences with hypnosis, and many factors can influence the success of a given therapy session. As such, it is important to find an experienced and qualified hypnotherapist who can help you achieve the results you are looking for.


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